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Imagine if your online website could be more like a real store. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see the customers as they entered your site? Imagine how your salespeople could assist clients and increase your online sales.
National Sales Booster lets you do this and much more

Monitor your website traffic in real-time

Sales Booster lets you see which visitors are on your website. Not only that, but you can tag each visitor so you know how they found your site and where they are located. You can now ask them if they need assistance, or they can ask for assistance if they need it


Chat to clients and increase sales

Visitors on the web want to know that they are working with a genuine company. Interactive web chat gives them confidence that you are a real company with people ready and available to help.
Live chat gives you the opportunity to interact with visitors and allows you to proactively close the sale. Just as in a live store, if you see a visitor moving from one product to another you can now offer assistance

Analyze your traffic

Now you can easily and effectively analyze all of your web traffic with over 70 traffic analysis reports. You can even send yourself daily, weekly and monthly reports via

React quickly to how your site is used

Now you can watch your visitor activity. You can see exactly which pages are being visited in real-time and you can see how visitors are navigating around your site. This knowledge allows you to make changes to your website to maximize your conversion

Automatically boost conversion

Sales Booster can be setup to detect when a visitor might potentially become a prospect. You can define rules based on keywords, pages viewed, location etc, and initiate proactive invite requests ON YOUR BEHALF. This can increase conversions without any additional

React immediately to errors on your site

Errors on your site are embarrassing and reduce your sales and rankings on the search engines. Sales Booster will inform you in real time if your site is generating 404 (missing page) errors.

Reduce click fraud

Now you can detect click fraud as it happens. Not only can you automatically see visitors returning multiple times from the same PPC ad but you can send a warning message to deter any future activity.

Chat to prospects in their own language

Sales Booster can translate your instant chat text in real time. This means that you and your visitors can chat in their own language with Sales Booster translating in between. Sales Booster supports translations in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Dutch,

Features   Benefits
• Watch customers as they arrive on your site
  • Increase your conversion rate
• Invite visitors to chat with you
  • Interact with customers
• Speak to visitors in multiple languages   • Offer visitors information quickly and easily
• Track visitors   • Understand buying patterns on your site
• Instant Web Analytics   • Understand how customers found your site
• Automate invite requests   • Understand the profile of your customers
• Click Fraud Alert   • Make quick changes to your website-increase conversion
• Live Stats   • Speak to customers in their own language
• Live Help and Chat    
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